The Blessed Scattering

Confusion about a decision entered my heart this week, and I am praying hard.

When Thursday night rolls around, you take Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller out into the blissful warmth and read. You read and you think and you read and you think and two names keep whirring through your mind.

The thunder echoed before the clouds came. The dark mystery of condensation gathered overhead while the wind whipped through trees resilient enough to bend and strong enough to not break.

The hair-swirling wind spills seed across the earth. Seeds and leaves fill the air in a far greater quantity than before. There are more. They go farther.

There’s comfort in realizing that is what every strong wind is supposed to do for a Christ-follower. A strong wind may bend us, but it won’t break us. The strong wind is meant to scatter seed. Seed is the knowledge of God.

Let the wind come. Let your branches yield to the power of the experience while staying rooted in Christ. Trees rooted during storms are powerful testimonies to His strength. They spread seed.

I tend to withdraw from decisions like this, choosing neither option rather than hurting someone. But, over-and-over again, God keeps presenting this scenario. I think He wants me to learn something. Maybe how to trust Him and seek Him in making tough decisions?

On a funny note, fasting is not helpful for me. I didn’t eat breakfast, and my blood pressure was 85/50 at work 🙂 It felt like I was walking on clouds.

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