Songs of my week

Two of my favorite new finds in the past year are Jess Ray and Taylor Leonhardt. I think part of me loves them because they’re both 29+ and unmarried but chasing after God’s purpose of their lives. They sing many different songs that I can relate to, but when I’m feeling single-girl confusion or loneliness, their music is a bit more relatable.

Better. Keep singing this. Keep reminding yourself of this. He is better.

Twenty-nine is coming up and I’m no closer to marriage than I was at 24. Jess explains that 24 is young, but that birthday was the first time she woke up not wanting to grow older because she wasn’t where she wanted to be, and how that can happen at any age

And now? One last day at work, then I’m headed to the hills of Montana for my best friend’s wedding.

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