Capturing the right snapshots

The analogy God is giving me right now:

It’s like a camera. Part of the problem comes when you are zoomed in on your pain, but zoomed out on the times I’ve provided. You recognize my provision, and are grateful for such a short period. That moment gets lost in the landscape instead of its own snapshot.

The problem is you have a long memory for my pain and a short memory for my provision. You’re using the wrong lens for both of those things.

Change your lens to zoom in on my provision and zoom out on your pain. You need to zoom out on your pain, because when you stand too close, you don’t see the whole picture I’m creating or trying to capture. You need to see your pain in the context of the whole landscape. You need a wide-angle lens for it. Zoom in on my love and the rest of the world comes into better focus.


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