My repentance

Just repent, He said. You repent. All the things I’ve done in you and am doing in you because I have been great, mighty, and kind when you repented…show them that. You go first, and it might strike a chord with someone who doesn’t know where to begin with repentance. Put away flowery rhythm, and just speak. This part is not supposed to be a spoken word.

I wrote it down so that it could be streamlined and so I didn’t repent for two hours, because I could do that too 🙂 Here it is:

God, Forgive me my idol of approval. I repent of putting the likes and approval of family, friends, and strangers before you and what you would have me say or do.

Lord, help my unbelief. Help my unbelief in you, Lord. I repent of my unbelief in your power, your timing, your goodness, your truth, and in your desire and your ability to work in me and through me when you call me to obey. Grow that little mustard seed of faith in me.

Lord, Darryl Voskamp said it, “If you want to find out what a man worships, watch how he spends his time.” I repent of worshipping distraction, technology, myself, safety, recognition and comfort.

Forgive me for buying into the American Dream that strives for more when you call me to lay down all I have for more of you.

I repent of my anger and unforgiveness, Lord. Give me your view and your perspective, and help me to lay down my anger towards my fractured family. Pursue them and help me to truly forgive and love the way you love and forgive me.

Forgive me for my lack of worship and prayer. You are worthy of nothing less my whole heart. I repent of an addiction to busyness and noise that drowns out your voice. Teach me how to be still, to slow and embrace the pace of grace

Lord, forgive me the covetousness, lust and sexual sins that I have justified with being in my generation or my time or abstinence. Lord, thank you for the greater vision for the relationships you have in store for us with you and with others. I repent of thoughts that distance myself from you and dishonor you and others, and tell you that you are not enough.

Lord, I repent of resenting you for the way you made me. I repent of telling you a little freshly to your face that you created me wrong. That I wanted to exchange the personality traits and gifts that you gave me for some that seemed more valuable. Thank you for being patient with a slow learner who is quick to forget that it’s always worth being a part of your story, and your glory is always worth my discomfort.

Lord, I repent of my hard-heartedness and self-numbing. I repent of closing myself off to feeling emotion out of the fear that it would break me, and out of the vanity of wanting others to see me as strong. Break my stone heart with a tender word of healing from you. Help sanctify me and use me through feeling.

Lord, I repent of not believing that you are capable of repairing my joy. I repent of living captive to fear that circumstance or situation or tender-heartedness may break it, and that you will not be capable of fixing it. Forgive me for not trusting your love and your pursuit, which will follow me all the days of my life

Lord, I repent of my surrendering everything to you, except for the things I want most. Thank you that you are a God that honors surrender by giving me what it turns out I wanted more than anything all along: peace.

I repent of my hypocrisy. I repent of professing one thing, but loving you so little that I do not live it, think it or speak it. I repent of living a whole lot less like Jesus and more like a Pharisee.

Lord, we repent of our addictions to possessions, to substances, to food, to control, to drugs, to worry, to self-interest, to self-harm, to self-hatred to sex, to money, to status, to power and we ask you to help makes us conquerors in you because we recognize that we do not have the ability on our own. Help us to experience your power and become your testimony. Call us out of the darkness and into your light. Purify our hearts. Thank you for teaching us our own weakness, so we get to experience your power. Jesus, I’m sorry for the things I’ve done that have placed you on the cross. I thank you for being the lamb without blemish that atoned for my sin and paid my debt so that I could walk free.

And all God’s repentant and redeemed and expectant people say Amen.

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