Embrace the pace of grace

The long hallway between the therapy office and the hospital is when I have time to think before planning my day becomes my focus. It slows me down. I pray. And yeah, God just spoke the challenge to me. Go the pace for grace. Slow down. Not just half of the time, but all day. There’s a pace you need to go to recognize my grace and feel my grace. Embrace the pace for grace today.

This was the week when I sat down next to each and every patient during his or her evaluation. The one where we talked families and cats and goals and any number of things. The one where we shared laughs. The one where I went out with my two co-OTs even though I was tired and was so blessed by the fun conversations and conversations about Jesus. The one where I listened to the older nurse for 5 minutes and didn’t try to cut her short to rush to my next patient. The one where I bathed and toileted patients that I could have passed off and offered to do the little extras to people when I used to try to move on.

There were times I wanted to hurry up or cut things short, but it kept ringing through my head. Embrace the pace for grace.

The woman might have said it to you after you spent an hour and ten minutes teaching her how to get dressed and toilet. I don’t like the administrators. They’re not like you. They don’t see me as a person. They talk too much. Thank you for all your help. 

And yeah, it turns out it is a grace to go slow enough to sit and connect to see a person as a person of value…not just the value of your time. It is a grace to me, and a grace to them.

And yeah, that man you spent 30 extra minutes with…twice…this week? The kind man, who just so happened to always have to toilet at the very end of a session and took a lot of time. Yeah. It turned out he didn’t make it. It is a grace to go slow enough to be a grace and uphold dignity in someone’s last days.

And yeah, there was the nurse who you spent that 5 minutes with who says she is always excited to see you now and talk more about Wisconsin. It is a grace to go slow enough to bring a little joy to someone’s day.

And yeah, there are nurses and social workers and therapists everywhere you go lighting up extra when they see you in the hall this week, saying hello, all because you’ve conceded to embrace the pace of grace.

And when you walk the pace of grace, you receive grace, and you are grace. God’s grace comes through when I’m tuned into the frequency that He is playing on.

This week was one of my most fun in the hospital.


Also, baller tweets today:

It’s in praising our Savior in all things that we are saved from discouragement in all things.   -Ann Voskamp

The enemy does not always attack us in our weakest moments or areas, he often launches an assault against our greatest strengths (1/2) -Christine Caine

No amount of temporal satisfaction or approval from others is worth compromising the destiny for which we have been created. -Christine Caine

We will all be offended, but we can choose whether or not we live offended. -Brian Houston

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