On deep wells

You, the deep well of a person. You, the complex one, whose mind never stops running and whose heart never stops absorbing the joy and pain from your environment, your people, your world. You who squeeze eyes tight and wish you could be a shallow thinker.

You, who sometimes tell God that you hate that He’s made you a deep well of a woman or man.

Yeah, you may look at yourself and see a long, deep, dark hole with a few feet of standing water.

But God gives different gifts to different people, and this is the gift He wants to give all  holy hollow well-people: a plummeting deep of clear living water. Water that is pure and reflects light from the inside. And let Him remind you of the purpose of a well, as one person, then another,  comes with a cup or bucket to scoop life-sustaining, soul-quenching relief. God has created you, well-person, with the infrastructure so that you can be deeply full of Jesus, and others can drink of it.

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