Believing for Revival

If our colleges, workplaces, sports teams, family and friends desperately need an encounter with God…

…then the best thing that we could do for them is retreat to rest in our prayer corners and encounter a living God.

Because other people may first only come to know God is living when they see Him living in us. And the corporate anointing fades when the corporate body disperses if we don’t corporately commit to restful and wrangling moments in quiet prayer.

And He can do it.

And I would have hours more to commit to Him a week

…if I stopped Googling about the male species and their preferences

…if I searched for Him with the same diligence as I search for a house

…if I checked Facebook a few less dozen times a day

…if I woke up a little earlier

…if I were more mindful about saying “I can’t this week. What about next week?” when my calendar is full every. night. and weekend.

My filling my social calendar to the brim is not the solution to people seeing more of Jesus if I’m not first spending time fixing my eyes on Him.

I can’t show the world the grace and joy of following a good, good father, if I don’t know firsthand the Father’s goodness.

And the willingness of the Holy Spirit to work through me will be limited if I’m not first and foremost willing for the Holy Spirit to work in me. And maybe Christianity would look entirely different if more of us built knowledge of God’s power and His wisdom and love in the quiet spaces and brought it to the world, instead of buying into the world’s chaos. Maybe we would be more full.

He can free me from my addiction to distraction. He can free me from my fear of someone else seeing the vulnerable process of God working in my life. He can free me from my fear of being a disappointment. He can free me from my unbelief in the Holy Spirit to heal others dramatically, immediately, in the same way the Spirit healed me from a simple prayer.

So yeah, I’m going to be asking God to help me love Him most. And because I love Him, love people. And because I love them, to let them encounter His presence.

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