Name above all names

There is always this to be grateful for: God, thank you for who you are.

And it broke over me like a baptism anew at that Thursday service, as we sang Name Above All Names into the night. “God, you are the name above all names. Thank you that you are the name above all our suffering. You are the name above all my suffering. You are the name in the midst of our suffering. Thank you.”

Suffering doesn’t overcome God or conquer God. My Jesus draws close in the midst of my suffering. He has always held me closer. He has always demonstrated patience.

It is just a beautiful thing that suffering can’t conquer his name. He conquered suffering for us.

He is not just name above my name or my family name. He’s above all the things I give power. There is no word that conquers Him.

He’s the name in the midst of uncertainty. Certainty can be my god. A desire for certainty and control can impact what I give God.

So many of us would like God to behave like a magic 8 ball. Just tell me yes or no. I just want to know. Ann Voskamp said it once: how we want answers, and God really just wants us to come close.

Will my mom be differently-abled forever? Come close

Will I be broken again? Come close

Will I have what I need financially? Come close

Will I make the right decision? Come close

Am I called to use my gifts in marriage or through and because of my singleness? Come close.

Will a loved one’s sickness kill them? Come close.

Will our society fracture? Come close

Will there be war abroad touching home? Come close

Why did those two patients die this week? Come close


I’m thinking I need to start asking different questions.

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