Assorted Metaphors

God has been speaking encouragement in metaphors a lot to me lately.

Because this writing thing is hard. This writing thing is delayed gratification. This call to use my words to share God in a fresh way through non-traditional avenues…is wrought with uncertainty.

But I surrendered all my heart, all my mind, and all my strength to Him. And there was the day He whispered it to me. That day after, 1.5 years of complete inability to write anything, He whispered to me that it was time to love Him with all my words.

These words are a special comfort to my soul:

You will never win a game if you quit every time you’re down in the first inning

You’ll never learn more from me if you stop after the third grade. You’ll never go deeper if you’re satisfied with elementary knowledge. Let me teach you.

You’ll learn that your trying to stand in the gap between loved ones and me in your own strength will rip you in two, but I am that elastic quality that stretches, and I will not allow you to break. The enemy wants you to stop praying, stop believing, but I am the God telling you to believe. To not grow weary when you pray. To not grow hard-hearted. I am the one holding your hand as you hold their hands, giving you that power.

God’s growing me in persistence, resilience, maturity, thirst, humility, and the belief that I serve a kingdom purpose.

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