Thank you for enough

It’s nice that they’re confirming it. Confirming how my generation is making less than those with a high school diploma in the 1970s. Confirming how we have more debt. How school loans can be like a second mortgage.

I left one of the highest-paying OT jobs in the area to take one of the lowest-paying OT jobs in the area. As in…I was making about what my brother with a 2-year associates degree makes, and I have my doctorate. I accepted (against some family’s counsel), because I felt like the whole thing was pre-ordained by God (which I do not always feel), but I was apprehensive about the financial side. I’d be making tens of thousands less.

I made my budget before making any decisions. Praise Jesus that I was able to budget for books, even if it meant basically no budget for clothes #priorities 🙂

What I didn’t expect was how blessed I’d be by the experience of making far less than I had. I’ve been so thankful…thankful as I’ve never been before…that I’m able to buy the necessities. I found myself thanking God that I was able to buy a pair of sneakers and for each week’s worth of groceries. I thank him that I’m able to pay my rent. I’m thankful that I have enough. That he provides enough.

At my higher salary, I mostly valued money for the luxuries I could add on…clothes, dinner with friends, cute decorations, and rapidly adding to my savings account. Having less forced me to scale back and simplify my life and how I spend my time.

A month ago, we got a letter. They had reassessed our wages, and to make them more competitive, they gave me a 10% increase. They paid me more than I even tried to negotiate for. It’s a blessing. I now feel free to stay at this job as long as I feel called to (vs financial pressure). But, despite the pay increase, the habit of gratitude for having enough is one I’m trying to maintain.

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