We might fight surrender. Surrender might seem like giving up hope. The truth is, surrender is finally placing hope in the right place.

It turns out the thing you most want to happen isn’t the thing you’re praying for. It’s peace. And when we don’t surrender, we deprive ourselves of peace.

Surrender is allowing God to be God in an all-encompassing way. And the cost is always gain. Whether or not we surrender control to God, he is still in control. We can either fight it or rest in it. And when we rest in it, we find that God is enough.

A sermon can tie things up nice and tidily, but real life is messier. Surrender that sick child? Surrender that grandparent with cancer? Surrender that job opportunity? Surrender the desire to have a child? Surrender your health? Surrender the desire to be married? Surrender that family member with mental illness? Surrender finances when on the brink? Surrender your dreams?

Yes, it’s hard, but what I’ve learned is that the harder it is, the more I need to surrender.

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