Thank You

Sometimes you can just look around at all your people and wonder how you ever got to be so fortunate. Sometimes I try to be the gift. Other times, people hand themselves as a gift to me and all I can do is exhale “thank you.”

Because on a hard day, I can call Grace, and she can pray the perfect prayer because the Holy Spirit is awesome. It’s such a relief to have a friend who can fill in the gap the times when you can’t pray for yourself. You might feel a neutral peace instead of grief.

And yeah, you might have these friends named Tabby and Spence who let you invite yourself over for tea. Good conversation and kind friends and a cutie pie kid turn peace to joy.

Sometimes what we bring to people can feel small. Sharing burdens and building joy are big things. They are weapons of spiritual warfare. I am thankful tonight for the gift of presence and the gift of my friends’ lives. If you are reading this, I count you as a friend. Thank you. And love to you!

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