During my first job as an OT, I went to work with the intention of loving my patients and pouring that out on them. For the most part, Christ was highly evident in my attitude.

Towards the end of that job, I did have one regret. While I loved my patients and was very gracious towards my co-workers, I didn’t really invest in my co-workers to the same degree. To some extent, I stayed a bit separate so I wouldn’t be tempted to complain etc. The reality that I realized at the end, however, was that they see me every day, and employment is an opportunity to show other employees God’s love, too. We spend more time together than with our families or patients. You end up hearing their lives and caring about them just as much. In short, I felt like I missed an opportunity.

I decided that as I entered this job, I would really be intentional about connecting with and investing in my co-workers. It turns out that the other registered therapists are my best friends. Some are moms, some are singles, some are married. All the full-time staff are unsaved, and most make drastically different life choices, but we all have so much fun with each other. I’m excited to see them after a vacation.

But y’all. I could tell you some stories that you wouldn’t believe. And some co-workers? Plain inconsiderate, incompetent, unreliable and lazy. I’m not sure how Jesus would do working with them, but I have struggled at times. Sometimes, I have done well with not complaining and/or gossiping, and other times, in order to not appear too “holier-than-thou” or just because I was plain fed up, I have joined right in.

The last two weeks, we’ve been down half our rehab staff, and I have been more stressed and reactive than usual. I do think my co-workers would use really kind and favorable words to describe me, but I don’t think ‘Christ-like’ would be something to come to mind.

I believe in ‘starting over’ within the job/situation we’re in. I know that God can help us change our hearts, behavior, actions, and love in the places we’re already in. I’ve stayed in situations not seeking change just so that I would learn how to not run, or always be running. But, sometimes life hands us natural breaks as opportunities.

I start a new job in just over a week. I’ve worked a bit separated from my co-workers and a bit too comfortable.

Going into this job, I want to be intentional about my attitude. I want to remember that I have a choice in how I handle stress. I want to be real and also gentle. I want to love my co-workers and make sure they feel that, while staying true to myself and my values. I want to be friends with those most-entrenched in sinful behaviors, but keep Christ right there with us. I want to live changed to the core, because I want others to wonder what’s different, just like I did because of my best friend Rheanna.

I think part of that will be routinely asking myself these questions:

  1. Would I want someone to say this about me if I were a patient?
  2. Does this (funny, witty, shrewd etc) comment glorify me or God?
  3. Am I ‘living loved’ and sharing that with others?
  4. Do I need to ask God to change or teach me in a certain area?

By grace, I can get up tomorrow and be better. Start a new job and pour out Godly love, not just my love.

P.S. The breakthrough has been real. It’s crazy how God just can work a way to a heart.



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